Wednesday, June 16, 2010


After creating and writing in this blog, now I see that writing blogs is not easy at all! Writing about serious things with a formal-yet-informal approach may be easy when we are writing only for ourselves, but in this assignment, I needed to make sure that the future audience will gain knowledge from my writings. It is not actually that much different from the basics of creating a good document, I just needed to make sure that my writings are easy to read,the format helps readers read efficiently and also enable to reader to point out the most important of the document (Putnis, Peter & Petelyn & Rosyln, 1996). Putting it simply, it has been a very exciting experience, I learned so much about the journalism world, how the internet IS a vital part of everything nowadays, and I am even considering to create my own personal blog to update daily. Wish me luck. Lots of ‘em. <3



1. Putnis, Peter & Petelin, Roslyn 1996, ‘Writing to communicate,’ in Professional communication, Prentice Hall, Sydney, pp.223-263

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