Monday, April 19, 2010

Blogging Community

What is a blogging community?
While Blogosphere is a collective community of all blogs, a community of local blogs are often called bloghood. Blogging communities are bloggers who have similar area of interests and then find a ground to discuss them in one media. Blogs are coonncted into a blogosphere with the help of comments, trackbacks, blogrolls etc. Ways to created a blogging community is by using hyperlinks, forums, tag links, chat space and comment post. This will allow the audience to interact with the blog they are reading and the other readers as well.

How do you create a blogging community?
According to, these are the steps to create a blogging community:

- Take the lead and be the community that you want your readers to be
- Ask Questions – the key to more comments and interaction on a blog
- Give readers homework – try it, it works
- Give readers a job to do on your blog – bizarre but it works
- Link to reader’s blogs – it’s amazing what impact this can have
- Answer Reader questions – this has real power
- Invite Readers to Take the lead with guest posts, giving advice to each other etc
- Make Readers Famous – celebrate your readers publicly
- Do projects where readers can participate, submit things and be active. The more you have them DO the more loyal they’ll become.

The Diagram of Today's Blogg Communities

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