Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good Design for Screen Genre

What does it actually means to have a good design for your presentation? The most important thing to remember is that point of presentation is to present an information, making sure that the audience get the message we are trying to present to them.

A good PowerPoint presentation, like a good argument, shows a unified, coherent structure and uses visual and textual evidence to reinforce its assertions. Because PowerPoint is by nature a multi-media format—incorporating elements of written, oral, and visual communication. Particular emphasis is placed on maintaining visual and grammatical parallelism, optimizing text and image display, organizing information effectively, and animating for optimum effect.

This first screenshot shows our over usage of simplicity. Frankly saying, this ppt page looks boring and filled with so many writings that people may simply just read the title and dozed off.

The second screenshot shows our first use of image in the presentation. This is actually a pretty clear presentation of our idea, although it may be a bit lengthy on the explanation. However, compared to this one:

This third screenshot shows nothing but the picture, which may be highly effective if the picture can already explains itself. Tags and directional leading path must be put into this slide. So does for the title of each slide, we should have been useing a more engaging sets of taglines such as a question. As Lane, King & Russell (2004) stated:" Many Illustrations cannot tell the story alone–they require a headline to complete the communication. So, the headline is extremely important to keep peoples interest"

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